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Legal Software Solutions has 20 years' experience in consulting with law firms regarding their legal software needs. Whether it be for time & billing, practice management or procedural, we can help you effectively implement the right software package and define internal procedures to increase efficiency. 




Tired of constantly upgrading your server? Let us help you become totally mobile by having ALL your applications hosted with one of our Cloud Hosting Partners. More and more firms are moving to the cloud everyday. It is cost effective and efficient. Email or call us for a quote.



We just don't begin and end with a Sale. We "listen" to you. Determine your areas of pain and provide the best solution for your practice. Demonstrating the software is always a beneficial way to obtain a good comfort level before you purchase. Demos are offered on-line and on-site.



For our Server Based Products proper installation of the software is a must. LSS works hand in hand with your firm's I.T. people and defines ALL roles clearly for a smooth and successful installation. 


For our Cloud Based Products installation is not necessary as you know however there are always downloads for Plug In's and other integrations that are most often required.



Out of the box solutions rarely work as each firm has it's own nuances not to mention the features (bells & whistles) of most packages require a certain amount of configuration. We price our engagements on an hourly basis based on the vast number of installations already performed.



Training staff members is key to implementing any new software package. We find that training on-site with your data is the best method however we are always available for shorter remote training sessions for convenience.



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